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Q: What are your hours?  A: WST is open 7 days a week.  Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm.  Sundays 12pm - 5pm.


Q:  What is your walk-in policy?  A:  Walk-ins are always welcome! We take walk-ins every day based on our artists' availability.  Our walk-in policy is first come first served.


Q:  Do you tattoo minors with parental consent?  A:  We don't tattoo minors at WST.  Strickly 18+ only.


Q:  Do you do piercings?  A:  We do not do piercing at WST.


Q:  What is your shop minimum?  A:  The shop minimum at Wealthy Street Tattoo is $50.


Q:  Do you give estimates over the phone?  A:  We do not give estimates over the phone.  We require your presence at the shop in order to give you the most accurate price quote.


Q:  Is it possible to make an appointment over the phone?  A:  We don't book appointments over the phone.  In order to make an appointment with an artist, we require a minimum $50 cash deposit.


Q:  Are you hiring tattoo artists?  A:  We are not currently looking to hire any tattoo artists.


Q:  Do you offer apprenticeships?  A:  We are not offering apprenticeships at WST.


Q:  How much will my tattoo cost?  A:  There are many factors that will contribute to the pricing of a tattoo.  In order to get a price estimate, it requires a consultation with the artist you are looking to work with.  We do not do consultations over the phone.

Q:  What are your artists days on and off?  A:  Johnny Spinoso works at WST Sundays and Mondays. Jay Kush works every day except Thursdays & Sundays.  Amanda Zylstra works every day except Mondays & Tuesdays.  Patrick Sandlin works every day except for Sundays & Mondays.  Reuben Garcia works every day except Wednesday & Thursday.  

Solomon Trofatter works Tue, Wed, and Thurs.









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